Welcome to the new bioGENESIS website! We hope you will find useful resources on the bioGENESIS project of DIVERSITAS, and more generally on the science of biodiversity evolution. We welcome your feedback as we continue to improve this site.


New bioGENESIS paper has been published by bioGENESIS past chair Daniel P. Faith

Faith Daniel P. 2014 - "Ecosystem services can promote conservation over conversion and protect local biodiversity, but these local win-wins can be a regional disaster" a new paper published in the journal Australian Zoologist by the Royal Zoological Society of New South Wales.


Integrative Observations and Assessments - a new book edited by Asia-Pacific Biodiversity Observation Network (AP-BON)

bioGENESIS former chair Prof. Tetsukazu Yahara as part of AP-BON has edited a new book "Integrative Observations and Assessments".

Phylogenetics, Extinction Risks and Conservation Workshop at The Royal Society

The workshop on Phylogenetics, Extinction Risks and Conservation was hosted by The Royal Society in London  from 10th to 11th of March and it was organized by Prof. Mark Chase FRS and bioGENESIS members Felix Forest, Dan Faith, Keith Crandall.

Several stories in one: An integrative approach to investigate the evolution of the Amazon

Interview with bioGENESIS Science Committee member Lúcia Lohmann regarding the BIOTA FAPESP/DIMENSIONS NSF project: Structure and evolution of the Amazonian biota and its environment: an integrative approach.

Fellowship opportunity for biodiversity research at the Australian Museum

bioGENESIS co-chair Prof. Daniel P. Faith invites Australian citizens/permanent residents, with a recent PhD, to collaborate in  a biodiversity research fellowship at the Australian Museum in Sydney.

If you have recently completed your doctorate in biological sciences, the Chadwick Biodiversity Fellowship could be the next step in lauching your career.


Chadwick Biodiversity Fellowship

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